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Bran' Nu Concrete, Tiles, Grout & Natural Stone Cleaner

Bran Nu is a fast acting deep cleaner for: Grout * Ceramic Tiles* Porcelain Tiles * Bathroom Tiles * Swimming Pool Slides & Tiles * Granite * Slate * Limestone * Concrete Pavers. Bran' Nu will clean without etching or discolouring the surfaces. It is safe for use on standard grey as well as coloured grout.

Bran-Nu is a clear blend of inhibited acid ingredients, detergents, wetting agents and inhibitors specifically formulated to be used on concrete and brick pavers, quarry tiles, ceramic floors and wall tiles.

Floor Maid Ceramic Tile Cleaner

Ceramic Kleen is an excellent Acid Free Cleanser and Sanitizer formulated to clean a variety of surfaces including ceramic and porcelain tiles, chrome, stainless steel, bathtubs and basins, leaving a pleasant fragrance. It removes soap scum, body oils, stains, dirt and grime.

Ceramic Kleen is recommended for routine maintenance. It contains no acids, ammonia or harsh abrasives, is economical, and does not harm tile and grout.

Master Sheen Self-Shine Floor Polish (Clear/ Red/ Green)

MASTER SHEEN is a water-base, liquid, metal cross-linked floor polish. It dries to a crystal clear shine, with a super hard protecting, high gloss finish. Great durability even in heavy pedestrian traffic areas. Maintains integrity with wear maintenance and age. Re-coats with ease and blends well for quick spot patching. Crystal-clear film, does not darken with age.

Master Sheen contains a blend of polymer, emulsifier, waxes and plasticizers

Strip Master Ammoniated Floor Stripper

Strip Master is a fast acting product designed for general removal of wax and finish from floor tiles. It is effective in both hard and soft water.

Strip-Master powerful formulation combines detergents, butyl and ammonia to strip even the toughest build-ups. Formulated with low suds properties that are well suited for use in automatic floor machines as well as simple mop stripping.

Master Kleen Bathroom Tile Cleaner

Bath Glo is a versatile product to be used in general disinfecting, bathroom hygiene and the removal of mould and mildew.

Bath Glo is formulated with Sodium Hypochlorite, Surfactants and a pleasant fragrance that will leave a fresh scent.

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