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Industrial Bleach

Master Kleen HYPO 3000 & 5000 are concentrated liquid Sodium Hypochlorite solutions used to sanitize all types of food and beverage equipment, swimming pools, water chlorination, waste water plants and industrial laundries.

Waste Water Treatment

Master Kleen HYPO 5000 is metered into waste water plants effluent tanks at rates that result in the required chlorine residual level set by the environmental authority.

Water Chlorination

Master Kleen HYPO 5000 is used for farms, private or small municipal water chlorination systems. Predetermined residual chlorine levels are maintained by using metered dosage system.

Food and Beverage

Master Kleen Hypo 5000 is used to sanitize non-porous and porous equipment, food contact surfaces and all general surface areas

Industrial Laundries

Master Kleen HYPO 3000 is used extensively in hotels and large commercial laundries as a stain remover and should only be used with a metered laundry dispensing system.

Swimming Pool

Master Kleen HYPO 5000 is completely soluble and readily mixes to release the chloride ions required to combat algae and bacteria commonly found in pools. This product can be used for shock treatment and maintenance of daily chlorine levels.

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