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Sani-Kleen Food Safe Sanitizer

Sani-Kleen (Food Safe) is a liquid germicide disinfectant for sanitizing and deodorizing food processing areas, equipment, drinking glasses and utensils.

Sani-Kleen (Food Safe) is formulated with quaternary ammonium compound, and combines fast killing action with excellent residual bacteriostatic protection. It leaves no after-odour; wets and rinses easily is non-toxic and non-irritating, has a long shelf life and is very economical

Master Kleen Dishwashing Liquid

Dish Master is a thick high suds manual liquid detergent that fights grease leaving your pots and pans, dishes, glasses and cutlery squeaky clean. It dispenses easily and is effective in hard or soft water.

Dish Master contains special mild synthetic detergents designed to provide rich stable suds while being very gentle on the hands. It is a non-phosphate, biodegradable detergent with excellent emulsifying characteristics that provide clean film free dishes with ease and economy. Leaves no hard water scum on silverware and sink

Power Master Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Power Master is a product that can be used for all general purpose cleaning, cleaning of tough grease. It is non-flammable and non-hazardous making it ideal to be used for all difficult cleaning operations.

Power Master is formulated with a blend of surfactants and sodium metasilicate to remove grease, oil and carbon deposits from ovens, cooktops, grills, equipment, vehicle and concrete.

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